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Great biscuits aren’t just good…
they’re delicious.

Making delicious, high quality, hand-made biscuits and foods while also refining and defining those recipes is Dana’s mission.

Dana Gayle’s Delicious Biscuits use only quality ingredients ensuring their highest quality.

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Our Products

We believe in baking great biscuits that taste best when made with love and passion.

Our biscuits are made with only the finest of ingredients, the most precise measurements, and a whole heap of passion, make every single bite, the most delicious bite.

Handmade biscuits

A Delicious Story

Passion and talent for food can often be translated into a business when applied enough times and with great feedback and support from family and friends.

Dana Gayle’s Fine Foods was grown out of this exact recipe. Having always baked and cooked for family and friends, Dana Myer, founder and director of Dana Gayle’s Fine Foods, started receiving requests to provide delicious biscuits for parties and events. And so from Dana’s home kitchen, the Delicious range was born.

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We are conveniently stocked in SPAR, Checkers and various other specialist stores such as Thrupps, Oaklands Fruit and Veg, The Gourmet Grocer and Dunkeld Fruit and Veg.

We also supply corporate canteens and functions.

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